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Baja Stone Care ServicesBaja Stone Care has been locally operated for over 20 years in the San Diego area.

With Natural Stone being used so much more in construction, I saw the need to specialize in Natural Stone care.

I proudly use Ecolab’s premier Stone Medic products.

  • Cleaning
  • Restoration
  • Polishing
  • Seals & Finishes
  • Maintenance Programs



Cleaning methods and solutions change with the type, location and other variables such as pollution, humidity and minerals in the soil, and the air. No one cleaner can "do it all". But one brand can, and for Baja Stone Care Eco-Labs Stone Medic is that brand.

Key Benefits

  • Beautifies
  • Long Lasting
  • Ease of maintenance


This step is when the surfaces are first exposed after primary cleaning, removing all existing sealers and polishing compounds. Leaving the stone ready for removal of rings, stains, and to establish a uniformity across the entire surface.

From preparing new surfaces to diamond cutting old worn surfaces, Baja stone Care does it all. We have the equipment and the experience to address any surface with professional results. The equipment we use allow us to tackle even the most difficult areas. Many years of using Eco-Lab products has given me the experience and confidence to accomplish great results.

Description of capability

Quality, Experience, and a Professionalism are standard.

Key Benefits

  • Prepares surface for polishing
  • Enhances uniformity of color.
  • Removes harmful mildew, and algae.


Polishing is the culmination of what stone care is all about. You could have the cleanest floors in town, but without a proper polishing, they will still look drab and boring. Using the products and techniques produces an incomparable finish on all your natural stone surfaces. From a high gloss to the unusual low sheen satin finish.

Key Benefits

  • Helps hardened the surface.
  • Stimulates the natural minerals within the stone.
  • Allows pores within the surface to resist contamination.

Seal and Protect

What are the key benefits for Seal and Protection? Utilizing the highest quality products, and the vast years of experience I have accumulated in the Stone Care Industry, produces a finish beyond expectation.

Key Benefits

  • Sealed Saltillo Tile.
  • Impregnate Marble, Granite, Travertine.
  • Also impregnates the grout around Ceramic Tiles.

Maintenance Programs

Have the peace of mind that a customized maintenance program affords. A maintenance program will keep your floors looking fresh all year round. At Baja Stone Care we can customize a program to fit your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Increases surface longevity.
  • Helps protects your investment.
  • Maintains that just polished look throughout the seasons.

All maintenance programs are based on yearly contract, with quarterly service.

As professionals we provide the highest level of performance on a consistent basis. We use a proprietary cleaning compounds created especially for natural stone by Eco-Lab's Stone Medic polishing system. Protecting your quality stone surfaces is a serious concern, and a customized maintenance program will shield your investment. Take a look at out Portfolio. We are dedicated to bring you the finest finish possible, with an emphasis on clean, professional service. "After many years spent perfecting my skills in natural stone finishes, it was time to put those skills to work for myself. So in 1990 I established Baja Stone Care. Contact Us fro a Free Estimate Today!