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No one product can clean all types of stone. Using the wrong cleaner can result in poor or damaged surfaces. I proudly use "Stone Medic" products manufactured by Eco-Lab "No matter what the surface is. they have the proper product".


DCC Daily Cleaner/Conditioner

Use this concentrated cleaner daily on all types of natural stone to maintain the stone’s natural beauty. Specially formulated for use on stone. The conditioners will develop a natural patina and its daily use is essential to any stone care maintenance program

Key Benefits

  • Can be used daily
  • Ease of application
  • Often cleaning creates a beautiful patina and luster.


Utilize the long-lasting shine and cleaning power of Multi Surface Polish on all natural and engineered stone, ceramics, laminates, plastics, vinyl, fiberglass, baked enamel and other above-the-floor solid surfaces.

We offer this product for sale to the general public, and to our established clients we offer this at a reduced rate.

Key Benefits

  • This product will help maintain the shine on above-the-floor surfaces between professional service calls.
  • It's easy to apply whit no lingering odors.
  • Cost effective, and increases your return over time.


Marble Polishing Compound

This unique, user-friendly paste is used to polish, restore and maintain worn marble, travertine, limestone, agglomerates and other calcium containing materials. It helps enhance water and stain resistance.

Key Benefits

  • Outshines the leading competitor.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • This product is the benchmark of marble cleaning compounds.

Pre-Polish Powder

When used in traffic areas, this non-acid powder provides a consistently honed finish on marble and limestone prior to final polishing with MPC. May reduce the need for diamond abrasives.

Key Benefits

  • For use on neglected or abused surfaces.
  • Increases uniformity across the total surface area.
  • Prepares neglected surfaces for the polishing process.

As professionals we provide the highest level of performance on a consistent basis. We use a proprietary cleaning compounds created especially for natural stone by Eco-Lab's Stone Medic polishing system. Protecting your quality stone surfaces is a serious concern, and a customized maintenance program will shield your investment. Take a look at out Portfolio. We are dedicated to bring you the finest finish possible, with an emphasis on clean, professional service. "After many years spent perfecting my skills in natural stone finishes, it was time to put those skills to work for myself. So in 1990 I established Baja Stone Care. Contact Us fro a Free Estimate Today!